Behind the Scenes

CropOver would be nothing without the performers, but it would also be nothing without the contribution of those who work 'Behind the Scenes'; the composers, arrangers, musicians, producers, tent managers, etc. It would be remiss of us not to acknowledge these persons who are the 'glue' of Cropover.



  Adrian 'Boo' Husbands  Musician, MC
  Al Gilkes  Promotor, PR Consultant
  Anderson 'Blood' Armstrong  Producer
  Andrew Pilgrim  MC
  Anthony 'Black Pawn' Blenman  Tent Manager
  Anthony 'Admiral' Nelson  Broadcaster & host of 'Festival Stage' on CBC
  Anthony Lowhar  Producer
  Anthony Waldron  Songwriter, Former NCF CEO
  Carol Roberts  Broadcaster & host of 'Fireworks' on VOB 92.9
  Charles Lewis  Musician, Arranger, Producer
  Chike Barrow  Producer
  Christopher Allman  Arranger/Producer
  Dale Husbands  Producer
  Darien Bailey  Producer
  Darron Grant  Producer
  Dave Weekes  Tent Manager
  Deepu Panjwani  Producer
  Dennis Johnson  Broadcaster & host of 'Fireworks' on VOB 92.9
  Eleanor Rice-Watkins  Tent Manager
  Elombe Mottley  Founder of YORUBA (Barbados) Ltd.,Former Director of Culture, Former Director of the National Cultural Foundation,
  Eric Lewis  Songwriter, Producer
  Fredrick Hinds  Tent Manager
  Gary Serrao  Producer
  Gilbert Roberts  Tent Manager
  Glen Antrobus  Tent Manager
  Ian Alleyne  Musician
  Irving Goddard  Tent Manager
  John King  Tent Manager
  John Roett  Producer
  Kevin 'Bubbles' Marshall  Producer
  Michael 'Mike' Sealy  Arranger
  Mikey Hulsmeier  Producer
  Nicholas Branker  Musician, Arranger, Producer
  Nigel Griffith  Tent Manager
  Peter Boyce  Tent Manager
  Peter Coppin  Producer
  Peter Byer  Tent Manager
  Randy Eastmond  Producer
  Ridley Greene  Tent Manager
  Roger Gittens  Musician
  Ron Clarke  Tent Manager
  Roxanne London  Tent Manager
  Santia Bradshaw  Manager
  Scott Galt  Producer
  Sebastien Llegal  Producer
  Sharon Carew-White  Tent Manager
  Terry Arthur  Producer