Biggie Irie
Two Giants

Junior Calypso Finalists

July 8, 2013 News

It was a keenly fought contest at the 2013 Scotiabank Junior Calypso Monarch Semi-Finals and at the end 14 performers were chosen to compete against Jazz ‘Jazz-Z’ Gittens and Aisha ‘Mandisa’ Butcher in the 8-12 and 13-18 categories respectively.

They are:

8 – 12 Year Old Category

  • Dynamo (Asher Murrell) – My X
  • DJ (Daryan Jordan) – Stand
  • Mighty K.T. (Kymorhi Trotman) – Poverty
  • Mighty Makeda (Princess Thomas) – True Royalty
  • Quinn P – Quinn Prescott – Living with HIV
  • Raanan (Raanan Hackett) – Learn to Swim
  • Mighty King (Trevon Callender) – Rise Up Young People

The reserve is Black Beauty (Liana Ifill) – Moving On

13 – 18 Year Old Category

  • Aziza (Aziza Clarke) – The Guardians of Calypso
  • De MC (Chad Montplasir) – Uplift the Youth of Society
  • Honesty (Charice Walrond) – Respec...
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Sweet Soca Finalists Announced

July 6, 2013 News

The seven Sweet Soca finalists have been announced after last nights’ semi-finals.  They will face the reigning Monarch Mikey on July 28th at Bushy Park in the MQI/98.1FM sponsored Sweet Soca Finals.

The finalists are:

  • Biggie Irie – Need ah Riddim
  • Blood – Ah Can’t Wait
  • Ian Webster – Moving/Enjoy Yuhself
  • Mr. Dale – Fearless
  • Nathalee – How we Party
  • Red Plastic Bag – Right Now
  • Timmy – Carnival Story

The reserve is Hypasounds with Sunrise.

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Judges for 2013 CropOver Competitions

June 26, 2013 News



  • Washbrook Bayne  (Chief Judge)
  • Ryan Boyce
  • Alvin Mayers
  • Dr. Victor Agard
  • Norton Brewster
  • Jo-anne Sealy
  • Dave Jackman
  • Harold Tull



  • Washbrook Bayne (Chief Judge)
  • Hamel Antrobus
  • Pearson Bellamy
  • Winston Farrell
  • Gaye Gajadhar
  • Leslie Lett
  • Derek Marshall (Alt)
  • Litchfield Nurse


  • Washbrook Bayne (Chief Judge)
  • Charlie Austin
  • John Bryan
  • Sgt. Michael Cummins
  • Joy Knight-Lynch
  • Anthony Lewis
  • Sach Moore
  • Victor Pilgrim

Party Monarch Competition


  • Leslie Lett (Chief Judge)
  • Derek Marshall
  • Dionne Knight
  • Scott Headley
  • Robin Jason Watson
  • Kirk Worrell


  • Leslie Lett (Chief Judge)
  • Melvin Alick
  • Cherie Bayley
  • Amanda Cumberbatch
  • Arturo Valentino
  • Winston Welch

Sweet Soca Competition

Preliminaries & Semi-Finals

  • Jude Eastmond (Chief...
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The Sweet Soca Semifinals Lineup

June 24, 2013 News

Draw for positions in the Sweet Soca SemisDraw for positions in the Sweet Soca Semis

They might be competitors on stage, but this evening it was pure camaraderie as the Sweet Soca semi-finalists or their representatives met at the National Cultural Foundation to draw for positions in the Sweet Soca semi-finals on Friday July 5, 2013.  The line-up is as follows:

  1. Natahlee
  2. Hypasounds
  3. Imani
  4. Statement
  5. Yannick Hooper
  6. Observer
  7. Mr. Dale
  8. Timmy
  9. Ian Webster
  10. Christal Austin
  11. Red Plastic Bag
  12. Tsi
  13. Brett
  14. TC
  15. Blood
  16. Biggie Irie

Of the sixteen performing at the Party Sand, seven will go on to face the reigning Monarch Mickey at Soca Royale, July 28th, Bushy Park, St. Philip.

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Celebrity T20 match in support of Keana Banfield

June 23, 2013 Site Posts

Over 30 celebrities on the field, more in the audience, nuff wide wides, byes galore, a ump that wuk-uped the signal, Medic Mac called into service for Gilbert and nuff nuff fun.  This cricket match was not about the score, wickets or the run rate required, but in support of a very worthy cause – the Keana Banfield Medical Fund.

Conceptualised by some entertainers and organised by the capable John Roett, this event turned into a great afternoon of fun and frolic.  Roger Skeete dropped one catch, and then took two (one being his rallying buddy Roger Hill) as well as showing that he could get the ball down the wicket.  Some showed fancy footwork (Gilbert), while others had a run-up that got progressivley longer even though that the speed of the delivery remained the same!

Red Plastic Bags...

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Updated Dates for Judging of Tents

June 23, 2013 News

The NCF has announced some minor changes to the judging dates for the tents.
Tomorrow’s Children Partee People and the Kingdom of Super Gladiators have switched judging dates and The House of Soca will be judged for Pic-o-de-Crop only on Thursday July 4 and joining with the Celebrity Tent on Wednesday July 10 to judge the Party Monarch.
See the Events Calendar for the full details.
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Sweet Soca Semi-Finalists Announced

June 23, 2013 News

The NCF has announced that 16 calypsonians and 1 reserve have been selected for the Sweet Soca Semis.

Sixteen calypsonians will battle in the semi-final round of the Sweet Soca competition on Friday, July 5 at the Party Stand at 10:00 p.m. for a chance to perform on the coveted Soca Royale stage. They are:

Biggie Irie – Need Ah Riddim
Blood – Ah Can’t Wait
Brett – Free Up!
Chrystal Austin – Ode to Crop Over
Hypasounds – Sunrise
Ian Webster – Movin’/Enjoy Yuhself
Imani – ME
Mr. Dale – Fearless
Natahlee – How We Party
Observer – Whinning Queen
Red Plastic Bag – Right Now
Statement – Take a Wynee (on You)
Terencia ‘TC’ Coward – Kancalan
Timmy – Carnival Story
Tsi – Don’t Tell Nobody
Yannick Hooper – Choose Me

Peter Ram – Crankment

The judging panel for the Sweet Soca prelim...

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Changes to Preliminary Judging Dates

June 19, 2013 News

The NCF has announced some minor changes to the preliminary judging dates for the Pic-O-De-Crop and the Party Monarch competitions.

There are now twelve (12) tents participating following the withdrawal of the Bacchanal Time tent, plus the Ragga Soca Superstars and Celebration Time tents have combined to judge on the same night.

The updated judging dates are as follows:

Preliminaries Judging Date Tent Location
Tuesday June 25


Stray Cats Crane Beach Hotel
Wednesday June 26 The Kingdom of Super Gladiators Bajan  Culture Village

Waterford, St. Michael

Monday July 1 The Experience The Plantation Garden

Theatre, Christ Church

Tuesday July 2 All Stars Calypso Tent The Plantation Garden

Theatre, Christ Church

Wednesday July 3 Ragga Soca Superstars &  Celebration Time The Plan...
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De Carnival (We Love it)

June 12, 2013 News

Have you heard

Car-ni-val (nuttun like we)
Car-ni-val (nuttun like we) 
Car-ni-val (nuttun like we) 
Car-ni-val (nuttun like we)

From one of the freshest songs of the season so far is De Carnival (We Love it) by Antonio Rudder.  Antonio has used his live-long appreciation for music to create one of the sweetest songs for the season.  Nice lyrics and a pleasant melody lend to a song which should carry through the season and beyond.

Will there be many more like this?

The next 4 – 6 weeks will tell…..


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Barry is Back

May 29, 2013 Site Posts  No comments

Barry Chandler, a former lead singer of the band Krosfyah and Jabae, as well as a Road March and Party Monarch winner spent time yesterday afternoon chatting with Dennis Johnson and Carol Roberts on their popular afternoon show, Fireworks. During the discussion Barry spoke quite openly about his descend in the world of drug and alcohol abuse and the subsequent positive effect that it has had on his life. Quick money and no control over how it was spent were two of the major factors in his demise, claiming that he used to buy over 20 pairs of shoes in a week. Shoes were then replaced by alcohol and drugs.

Barry said however, that some members of the music stuck with him through thick and thin, even citing a case where Statement took him off the street and paid him to sing backup for some of...

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